Mesdame’s Grâce [Part 1]

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story House

4 person

122 Sq.m.

Classic Contemporary


Clean white, Elegant, Sweet and full of Coziness is the definition to call this 2-story residence which design according to the preferences of the ladies of the house. As this project called, “Mesdame’s” means ladies’ while “Grâce” mean their pleasure.
This “Classic Contemporary” residence is the mix and match of the materials; wood, marble and stainless in perfect ratio which make the house become lively and graceful. In this [Part 1] be will introduce you to the first floor of this house.


  • Foyer
  • Dining Area
  • Bedroom (x3)
  • Living Area
  • Pantry


|| Foyer ||

Home… is the place we can relax and be ourself to the fullest. The ladies might also have the time they enjoy themselves in their comfortable state so to increase the privacy for ladies of the house, our designer decided to divide the front space and made it to be guests welcoming “Foyer” before entering the living area. The separator designed to be a display shelf to display the house members kept collection, to show the personality and tell the story which make a “House” become “Home”.

|| Living Area ||

Behind the shelf is the TV Partition which design to be neat and elegance at the same time. Above the TV Partition is the wooden perforated partition which allow the natural light from Foyer area to come inside. Moreover, the design have solve the special requirement from the owner which have couple of dogs as a family member, so to prevent them from biting the cabinet and cable wires, designer decide to make the nook into the shelf so the little bosses cannot reach it.
On the right side of the living area are decorated wall and floor enclose shelf which inspired from European’s firework, to create cozy atmosphere while make it function-able at the same time.

|| Dining Area ||

Beside the living area id the 8 seats dining table. To make the space become flexible and ready to welcome guests for party, both area are connected to each other.
The dining area’s ceiling area lifted up and placed the hidden light to make the space become more dimensional while the pantry area pull down the ceiling to create a step for hiding the air conditioner and also make the dining area ceiling feel higher and become more grand.

|| Pantry ||

Pantry located beside dining area, to prepare the cold cut or easy prepare food and also function as a food and drink counter when the owners held parties. The cabinets’ storages and drawers design to have enough space for collected essential tableware and kitchen equipment. Additionally, above the counter also have a stainless wine glass hanger which make the space become prominent and fancy while comfortable to reach when drinks.
‘Mesdame’s Grâce’ [Part 1] is the interior design and decoration on the 1st floor of the house. On the 5th of next month we will take you to see the Bedrooms, feel free to come back at our website for the second part : )
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