Quintessentially Design Service is a special service you can find only at Bareo. It was the service developed form our successful Turn-key service, which will provide you the most convenience and satisfy journey in interior design and decoration.
With our ‘International Awards Winning’ design team alongside the professional craftsman team with experienced more than 30 years, and our expert supporting team, Bareo is ready to creating your dream home responsively to your lifestyle.
At Bareo, we are full of creativity and ability to make it come true, guaranteed with the international acknowledgement, we are awards winner from wide range of projects; hospital, office, apartment, residential and more since 2016.
‘Design which perfectly fit for you’ is not just a phase, our customer’s assistance team together with design development team will study clients’ lifestyle, taste and preferences in order to come out with the most suitable pieces for each client.
With our proudly present work productivity which is the integration between FFB (Fully Finished Built-in Process) and ACI (Advance CNC Integration) , the excellent combination of Western’s Technology and Eastern’s Philosophy. Every pieces of work from Bareo are art pieces which can be ensure to be exquisite, high quality and accurate to the design.
Like our clients since 2000 who still proud with their classic pieces by Bareo and contacted us for the maintenance before handover it to their heirs. Products’ strength and durability with more than 20 years life-cycle are also our pride and honor. Starting from wood selection, production to assemble, our team devoted themselves in every single details. Not only the structure and design, the hardwares are also imported from Europe and well-chosen to match with each unique function for each individual pieces.
Most of our fine art pieces are made in our 3,000 square-meters factory. Every single one will be produce and pre-assemble at our workshop before transport to your site. So at the site only require small machine and hand tools which will not create mess and is time-saving.
We highly concern that ‘Health’ is the precious wealth, so since 2015, we changed all our paints to ‘Water-Based’ wood paint without thinner or lead. So client can be assure that our products will not harm you and your beloved.
QDS also come together with the flexible choices for client throughout the journey, from design to decoration. Client can choose to proceed both design and decoration process with Bareo or exit to terminate the QDS contract after the final proposal is done.
Bareo will always be your companion. Even after the project are done or 1 year of guarantee have pass, we will always remain at your service.

after sign Quintessentially Design Service Contract

1.After clients agreed and continues to the Decoration Phase of QDS contract, Bareo will set up the project management planning to see the overall timeline while start the site preparation and begin the furniture production with our ACI technology at our factory.
2.When the site is ready for furniture installation, Bareo’s factory will transport client’s FFB products to site and install them fast and neat with our professional team.
3.Bareo’s Quality Check team, consist with customer’s assistance, designer and project coordinator will check the work quality before handing over the residence back to clients.
4.To guarantee our high quality products, evert art pieces from Bareo will have warranty period which last for 12 months after handing over.


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