The Extraordinary Penthouse

Bangkok, Thailand


4-8 Members

300 Sq.m.

Classic Contemporary


Enjoy your day in the elegant and cozy rooms while having the perfect romantic night along with the view of Chao Phraya river and Bangkok City at night in your own ‘Extraordinary Penthouse’ With the gorgeous aesthetic, perfect planning along with the hidden and impressive functions in design. Whether it is the secret door, the giant sliding panel, the glowing pantry counter or more. The extraordinary Contemporary Classic style penthouse is ready to impress every guests with the grand and welcoming atmosphere.
The Award-Winner project in “Best Residential Interior – Apartment Thailand” from Asia Property Award 2021-2022 together with 5-Stars Award which chosen by the committees and chosen to be Nominee for International Property Awards 2021-22


  • Lift Hall
  • Library
  • Living
  • Pantry
  • Pantry
  • Foyer
  • Massage Room
  • Dining
  • Bedroom (4 Units)


|| Foyer & Lobby ||

Foyer is the first room to greet all visitors. Pink round sofa placed at the center and contrast with the white classic panel under the glittering chandeliers, is designed to be the first impression.

|| Hidden Shelf ||

|| Library ||

Library is the main room to welcome all guests. Placed with two long sofa in emerald green, a game table set by the window and walnut bookshelves with luminous boxes, this classy library prompts to entertain its owners with many favorite activities.

|| Spa Massage Room ||

|| Living Area ||

Dining and Family functions shared the great hall in the center of this apartment. Many Art pieces are installed as the private gallery. 2×2.5 square meters painting by famous artist is hung on the panel in family room. When required, this gigantic panel can be slid across the room to the dining area with ease. After sliding, beautiful showcases behind the panel will be revealed.

|| Dining Area ||

In addition, this two area can be completely divided for privacy purpose by drawn out the hidden partition inside the central wall.
Island in pantry has a point to mentioned. The glowing feature and slidable front part for fully used are designed to compliment dining facilities.

|| Master Bedroom ||

Planning in Master Bedroom is also interesting. Two walk-in closets demanded for this ensuite bedroom. To optimize this space, long curvy wooden panel has been raised to provide comfortable space for Her walk-in closet. A concealed door has been assigned to this wall along with two hidden cabinets.

|| Bedroom No.2 ||

Extending the space in Bedroom-2 and 3 has been done by installing the upper deck. Each decks are assigned for hobbies and personal entertaining area for each room owners. Bedroom-2 is design under the concept “Sailboat”.

|| Bedroom No.3 ||

And Bedroom-3 with the concept ‘The Exclusive Suite’ to make the space have an atmosphere like luxury hotel in your own room.
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