Bareo New Head Office

Bangkok, Thailand


30-45 Staffs

1,412 Sq.m.

High Style


The Award-Winner in “Best Office Architecture Thailand” from Asia Property Award 2018-2019 together with 5-Stars Award which chosen by the committees. The consecutive award before the Award-Winning in “Best Office Interior Thailand” from Asia Property Award 2019-2020
The new head office of Bareo Co.,Ltd. with Moree than 1,400 sq.m. in the new CBD, Ratchapruek Area, with the concept of ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Sponges’ that have inspire from ‘Fengshui’.
The building provide to support spaces for the co-working style working between high quality freelancers mix with the staffs to improve the work to a higher quality. Main requirement of the building is to get the highest efficiency from the space while responding to different kind of interior atmospheres to allow staffs to change their moods while working (to reduce stress and increase happiness in working space), also, have a well manage to use low energy consumption and save the longterm cost as much as possible.
The building planned to be L-shape by the main entrance face North. The South and West side that receives most sunlight design to be a double layers solid wall with less void to reduce heat inside the building. The East side is the open court ‘amphitheater’ and cafeteria that get the sunlight in the morning and will have building shade to make the space cool down in the afternoon to use the area as an activities space and be the view of the cafeteria.
‘Fengshui’ plays the major roles in this design development because aside from believes, Fengshui also response to how the building are oriented, the direction of ventilations and sun direction. The key dominant element of Bareo’s founder and co-founder is “earth” and both are lack of “water”. That is why the Fengshui master suggested to built the Office with water element to fulfill and balance their fortune. “Water” Architecture is the building with less corner or has curvy design like wave. Circle, part of circle or eclipse are also defined as “Water” structure too.


  • Lobby
  • Cafeteria
  • Fitness
  • Back Office
  • Director Room (2 Units)
  • Lobby o Front Office
  • Hall No.2
  • Roof Garden
  • Manager Room (4 Units)
  • Meeting Room


Bareo New Head Office

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