The Future Hospital – PMK Dialysis Center

Bangkok, Thailand


70-90 Members

625 Sq.m.



The Award-Winner project in “Best Public Service Interior Thailand” from Asia Property Award 2016-2017 together with 5-Stars Award which chosen by the committees.
The dialysis center in Phramongkutklao Hospital (Thailand) were aims to extended from 10 to 18 beds together with design a new meeting room, 2 lecture rooms and a staff’s room within the space. Our design team decided to set up a new beds layout and new circulation design to make the requirements come true.
In the examination zone, we use the lines and colors to identify the new circulation system for each user, so the user can follow the direction which have their specify color easily to have a better flow within the space. The equipment and tools were collocated in the Fool-proof Design layout to prevent the error in case of emergency.
The lecture rooms and meeting room are design to support i-devices and smart devices to be easy for presenting and case-studying. The colors of each rooms are chosen to be in bright colors to create the active and motivative atmosphere.


  • Examination Zone

  • Lecture Room (2 Units)

  • Meeting Room

  • Staff’s Room


|| Examination Zone ||

|| Meeting Room ||

|| Lecture Room (2 Units) ||

|| Staff’s Room ||

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