Samrong General Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand


35 – 50 Members

395 Sq.m.



The Award-Winner project in “Best Public Service Interior Thailand” from Asia Property Award 2021-2022 together with 5-Stars Award which chosen by the committees.
Samrong General Hospital (Thailand) is “The Next Level of Rehabilitation” where concern about patients comfortably and to have relaxation to the fullest. The patients zone at the 4th floor are the 1st phase of this renovation plan. The new design not only have a cozy atmosphere to help patients with emotional recovering but also have remarkable functions mainly focus to have the most comfortable for their people.
One of the most accomplish function are lighting design for each bed. The light design serves both doctors and patients in various activities from examination, reading, eating, relaxing, sleeping or having conversation with a proper light amount and can be control individually.
The materials used in the design are all chemical proof and easy to clean. The design are anti-dust design as we and our client, Samrong General Hospital, highly concern about patients health.
The color scheme of each rooms are in cool colors tone which give a calm and steady atmosphere. The leaves wallpaper was integrated in the design as a representative of natural elements to make the room become more lively and feel at ease.


  • 2-Bed Patient Room (7 Units)
  • Hallway
  • 3-Bed Patient Room (6 Units)


|| 2-Bed Patient Room (7 Units) ||

|| 3-Bed Patient Room (6 Units) ||

|| Hallway ||

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