Bareo New Head Office : Casa Amare

Bangkok, Thailand

Office 30-45 Staffs 1,412 Sq.m. High Style


Bareo New Head Office : Casa Amare, The Award-Winner in “Office Interior Thailand” from Asia Property Award 2019-2020, the consecutive award after the Award-Winning in “Best Office Architecture Thailand” with Bareo New Head Office project in 2018-2019
With the believed in the phrase “Working is not just limited on the working table” so the design of the spaces are well divided into Working Space and Public Space under the same theme concept of ‘High Style’, the style which luxurious with the space design and orientation. Altogether with the idea to make multi-functional and easy to applicable space, the planning design are following the work flow of the company while integrated with the relax spaces for the staffs.
From the main entrance, we had connected the reception area to administration office. The combined space also equipped with duplex space to the design department above and create luxurious atmosphere. The long reception counter (4.50 meter) has been seated with 3 staffs. Not only greeting and welcome functions, this counter is also used for administration purposes too.


Meeting room is placed next to the reception area letting guests to access the function easily without going deep inside the office. This room has been placed as the excess of the building to face the main gate and also form the space behind as inner court.
At the center of this building, lied the heart of the office. Double volume space in the center has been assigned to be used as cafeteria. With the convenient location, every employees and guests can access this function at anytime.


Snack bar is installed at the middle of the cafeteria to serve tea, coffee and snacks all day long. Two types of seating has been designed to serve different purposes; relaxing and dining. Every staffs can choose to enjoy working in their station or in this cafeteria in their own style.
Design Studio has been located next from the multi-function hall and above the administration office. With four rows of work stations, designers can be divided into 4 individual teams.


Supporting and management offices have been sited at the back on the second floor of the building for privacy reason. This office is the home of project management team, procurement section and marketing department. There is a meeting table inside this office for informal discussion while the private managers’ offices are align on the West side. The efficiency- compact-design make these rooms a convenient place for any executives to work.


CEO’s room is located inside this zone. With the full height and wide span glass window, the inner court along with the main gate can be observed from this room.
Knowledge Note :
Casa (/ˈkäsə,ˈkasə/) = Home, House
Amare (aˈmaː.re) = Love
So… Literally Casa Amare = A House of Love but  in this project, we would like to interpret it both as ‘Bareo’ is the interior design and decoration studio that design and can make clients’ Casa Amare (House of Love) come true, and we are also house (office) full of love and inspiration.


  • Lobby
  • Cafeteria
  • Fitness
  • Back Office
  • Director Room (2 Units)
  • Lobby o Front Office
  • Hall No.2
  • Roof Garden
  • Manager Room (4 Units)
  • Meeting Room


Lobby & Front Office


Hall No.2

Back Office

Manager Room (4 Units)

Meeting Room

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