ARG Healthcare Center [Part 1]

:: Laboratory & Consultation ::

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Healthcare Center

300 – 400 person

1,700 Sq.m.

Fusion Futuristic


Hospital is no longer an only choice for you to check up and take care of your health. ‘Healthcare Center’ is an alternative choice where you can visit with ease for annual health check or when you feel like it. Prevent and protect are a new methods of having a good wellness, which you can find at ‘ARG Healthcare Center’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh
The healthcare center consist with fully function Consultation rooms, Specialized Consultation Room, Laboratories, Lobbies and Lounges.
In this month portfolio, we will introduce you to the Consultation Rooms and Laboratories of this project.


  • Consultation Rooms (x10)
  • BMD Room
  • Orthopedic Room

  • Laboratories (x3)


|| Laboratory Floor 1 ||

ARG Healthcare Center have 3 floors of laboratories. The first floor is the Biology and Immunochemistry Lab which related to basic blood test and antigen test.
The most important thing to concern in designing labs are ‘Space Planning’ which design to have a good circulation flow of staffs to be able to work with highest efficiency. Materials are also the key we need to focus on. To have a durable and clean workspace, our designer decides to use solid surface and epoxy floor in the lab. ‘Yellow’ color have been chosen to integrate into the design to have a lively atmosphere in the area.
After receiving the test result, all the report will be send to the ‘Report Generation Area’ to validate the documents under the control of ‘Lab Head’ who supervise the test from the labs and approve the reports before handing over them to the doctors.

|| Laboratory Floor 2 ||

The second lab floor is a Hematology and Coagulation Laboratory which are blood test in advance level and need more time to generate the result. The process will begin with receiving the samples from Sample Drop Pass Box before distribute to each area of the lab which have specific devices to find specific result.
The lab in this floor is bigger than the first floor since it need more advance devices and need more time for each sample. There are also enough space and shelfs for storing documents and equipments used in the lab. ‘Orange’ color are the chosen color for this floor to create an active working atmosphere.

|| Laboratory Floor 3 ||

And ‘Vermillion’ color is the selected color for the third lab floor, Microbiology and Serology Lab which study about bacteria, virus and microorganism which cannot be seen without special equipment together with the study of blood’s serum and plasma.
To examine the tiny elements, the most important thing aside from suitable equipment is to have a sufficient light so the team have design the lighting to have downlight as a main light source while have double lines of LED lighting as a support light source, to reduce the shadow and increase the working productivity.

|| Consultation Floors ||

After received the reports, all the documents will be transfer to the Consultation Floors of this Healthcare Center which have 3 Floors, in total of 10 Consultation Rooms (plus two bone specialize consultation room). In each floor will have 16 waiting seats spreading around the floor, one are near the Info & Nurse Counter to be easy to call for receiving important documents and there are also the seats in front of the consultation rooms to wait for the queue to come.
The main color in this zone are white and grey to create a clean and reliable atmosphere. Under the limitation of the space, the designer use the translucent glass partition as an element to enlarge the space together with the wood covered by interior film to have good work durability and easy to clean, then relax the atmosphere with dark color furniture.
And this is the Laboratories and Consultation Floors of ARG Healthcare Center. If you would like to find more about this project, do not hesitate to follow us and see next month New Project article.
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