The Pure Modern Suite

Bangkok, Thailand


5 person

255.50 Sq.m.



The Pure Modern Suite is the interior design project in Public Area Zone for 255.50 square-meter condominium suite which the designed in Modern style. The lines and shapes are used to create the modern and elegant atmosphere for the residence. The natural materials are chosen as the main material of the area to make the space become sophisticate and serene.


  • Foyer
  • Dining Area
  • Living Area
  • Pantry


|| Foyer ||

When arrived at the suite, the first welcoming area to every family member and guests are the Foyer. The apartment owner hobby is photography so in this foyer area design to have two blank space to hang a printed photos or painting. It also the starting point to acknowledge people that right now they are coming into the family area which will be fill with the family members’ collection and lifestyle.
Along with the design, there are also space for 2 Armchair seats. It can be a space to have a private nice and calm conversation with a little cup of coffee from the pantry or a space to wait for the other family members when they are going to go outside together.

|| Living Area ||

The living area are both for welcoming the guests and the space to spend the time together in the family. The custom-order sofa are able to sit together up to 5-6 persons, while the 2-seated window side are the space where the members can have time to themselves, enjoy the city view and reading a good book in the same area with other members but with more privacy. It also can adjust to be more seats in case there are party with more people or special guests.
The TV wall partition are design with the rectangle shape which give a superior atmosphere. The chosen material are full-marble and have a Black-Gold mirror at the back to make the space wider. The TV console are also made from real hardwood and function to be a TV storage space.

|| Dining Area ||

One of the material that are very interesting in this project are the pattern of the wooden floor. Designer decided to use wide-cut wood, install it in herringbone pattern which create a movement within the calm and serene atmosphere that brighten the space to be more relax for residence.
In this area, aside form dining, there are also the shelves for exhibited the family members’ personal collective items whether it is a camera, art piece, ceramic piece, books and also the souvenir from the traveling trip they have been together.

|| Pantry ||

The pantry is for light meal cooking such as breakfast, cold cut appetizer, snacks, and drinks like cocoa or coffee. The pantry have an island counter which function to be both for food preparation and a private chilling bar at night. Another highlight in this area design is that all the cabinet is doorless cabinet which allow the owner to display their collective utensils and glassware.
The Pure Modern Suite is another design project which play with the characteristic of the Modern Style nicely and well done.
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