Moonlight in the City (Part 1) : Journey to the moon

Bangkok, Thailand


2-6 person

300 Sq.m.

Modern Luxury


Within the chaos of the city, there located a 300 square-meter apartment which serene, elegant and bright like the moonlight among the universe. The room design in Modern Luxury style with the concept “The Contrast of Light & Dark”. This month, we will introduce you to the common area of this apartment.


  • Foyer
  • Dining Room
  • Living Area
  • Bedroom (x4)


|| Foyer ||

Welcome the owners and their guests with the atmosphere like they are walking into the celestial space with the white marble wall with natural pattern which create a serenity mood. Lead the eyes with the dark color niche and the marble’s boarder line to the Black-Gold reflected mirror which contrast with the white tone floor and wall. The decorated lighting have chosen the once which look like the bubble floating in the air, and when merge with the lighting, it become a stardust that shine bright and give you a warm welcome home.
Turning to the side, you will meet with the decorated wall design to have Black-Gold reflected mirror as a main material. It is cut into pieces neatly and edge grinding to add dimensional to the area. The embellish half-sphere in rose gold color are like a mini-moon. And when these moon which located in a different position, get the different lighting it create an uneven light and shadow like the moon in the sky that change everyday.

|| Living Area ||

Entering the living area, you will meet with a large white cozy sofa located among the room which decorated in dark tone. When you close the curtain and enjoy you time on the sofa in the daytime or open the curtain in the night time, it will be like you are embraced within the outer space. The sofa will be the spaceship which take you to the journey, to see interesting story from the TV or enjoy the city’s night scenery which will be full of sparkling light like a stars, as if you have own a personal universe.
Moreover, to meet the owner’s requirement, our designer design the room to have areas for display shelves for the owner’s collections who want to use this space to show the souvenirs and collectibles from their journey to all of their guests.

|| Dining Room ||

For the dining room, owner require to have more privacy so the room is in a separate location. The room design to have luxury yet cozy atmosphere to welcoming a special guests and spend their time together with a memorable meals.
The TV partition area decorated with dark grey marble with a white pattern which give a feeling like it is a meteor shower. There are believed that if you see the meteor or shooting stars and you make a wish before it gone, your wish will come true. So the wall that look like an endless meteor is also mean that you will always have all the best wishes that will become true.
And this is ‘Moonlight in the City (Part 1) : Journey to the moon’, the journey that introduce you to the common area of the apartment. Next month, we will take you to see the bedrooms of this moonlight project.
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