The Contemporary Lanna (Part 1)

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Up to 6 person

315 Sq.m.

Contemporary Lanna


“Lanna” was a ancient kingdom in the north of Thailand. Nowadays Chiang Mai is one of the provinces that have preserved the Lanna’s charming art and culture which people love.
Like the owner of this beautiful penthouse who impress with the senses of Lanna and Thai Style and decided to bring them into his own home. Mix and match the essence of Lanna and Thai style with the modern materials and functions. To have a wonderful relaxing place within the serene natural scenario of Chiang Mai.


  • Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Hall 2
  • Bedroom (x4)
  • Living & Dining Area
  • Library
  • Bathroom (x3)


|| Foyer ||

Foyer is one of the highlight of the house which can change the atmosphere and welcome the owner and every guests. For this penthouse, after enter you will meet with the impressive tree sculpture that will lead your attention to.
The ceiling and decorated cornice are painted into ‘Pastel Green’ color which is one of the popular color for the Thai Style House (Ruern Thai; เรือนไทย) in King Rama V era. Matches with the adaptation pattern from Thai-Lanna Pattern which give a stunning and unique identity for this penthouse.

|| Library ||

The serene and cozy library are designed to be a small private world which can close the sliding door to have a personal space to relax or open up the connected the area with the Living & Dining area. This room materials are chosen based on the Ruern Thai atmosphere which is wood. Combined with the craved wooden partition (Fa Pa Khon; ฝาปะกน) which adapted to be more contemporary.
In this area, not only that the designer design and decorated it to have a sense of Ruen Thai, the designer also choose to put the 3-seater sofa with the foot rests design in classic style for happily reading a book or watching the TV that located at the opposite wall.

|| Living & Dining ||

The atmosphere of the penthouse is design to be lighter and brighter in the Living & Dining area. In this area located the double volume space with full-height window and the breath-taking view of Chiang Mai both day and night time. The 8-seats dining set are specially design inspired by Lanna Style. Four single seat of “The Lanna Chair” and Two dual seat of “The Lanna Dual Chair” are design to fit perfectly with this penthouse, together with the pastel green cushion like the ceiling, cornice and the decorated arch.
The arch was inspired from the shape of Ruen Thai’s door and invert the figure and ground to make the shape as a void. Merging this layer with the Thai pattern paint in ‘Mhark’ color (สีหมาก; Betel Nut Color) background, to support the gold-leaf painted cabinet to be more outstanding.

|| Kitchen ||

Kitchen is also one of the most important are for the cooking lover owner with a professional skills. The kitchen was designed with the focus on the function and circulation of cooking. The zone will be separated into 2 zones with the middle island. On one side is the ‘Cooking’ area consisted with the fridge, preparation sink, hobs, oven and microwave. While another zone is ‘’Cleaning’ area which mainly for washing the dishes and kitchen wares. There are also the wine fridge and the self for the glasses for relax and enjoying with guests.

|| Bedroom 1 ||

Bedroom 1 is the guest bedroom which have a full elements for the Lanna atmosphere. Such as the craved wooden partition (Fa Pa Khon), Thai style bed, the pastel green wall, the Mhark color background at the dressing table and the oval mirror. The oval mirror inspired from the ‘Locket’ necklace which is popular in old time to keep the image of important people so our designer decided to use the gimmick of this to make the guest feel like the guest are the important people for the owner.

|| Powder Room ||

Powder room located at the 1st floor of the penthouse. The highlight of this room is the 3-mirrors which inspired from the folding mirror of the royal family or the superior in old time. This mirror not only unique because it’s impressive appearance but also comfortable to use and reflected every angle with ease.
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