Moonlight in the City (Part 2) : Slumber on the moon

Bangkok, Thailand


2-6 person

300 Sq.m.

Modern Luxury


Sleep tight and have a wonderful sweet dream in the serenity and dazzling atmosphere like you are sleeping on the moon. Last month we introduced you to the common area of a 300 square-meter apartment room design in Modern Luxury style already, and in this New Project, we will bring you to meet with the slumber area of this ‘Moonlight in the City’


  • Foyer
  • Dining Room
  • Living Area
  • Bedroom (x4)


|| Master Bedroom ||

The Master Bedroom has been design to have “Moon Colors Scheme” matching with the serenity, relax and elegant. The highlight of the room is the “Space” design which intent to have the space around the bed to be wider, like the bed is floating within the room that represent the Moon. The golden lines and lights symbolize the stars that surrounded the Moon in the universe.
On another side are design with the same elements to make the space become harmony but the outstanding “Dressing Table” is the highlight of this side. The two vertical lights look like the fire engine from the spaceship which represent that; in the morning you get up from bed and get ready at the dressing table while at night you come back and get relax by put away things at the dressing table as well. Like a spaceship which bring us to a journey in the universe and bring us back at night to have a goodnight sleep in out slumber on the moon.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

Bedroom 2 design to be more lively with the idea of using “The Moon Texture”. The texture on the moon make it look more charming and mysterious… The designer apply this concept and put it in the design on the Bed’s Headboard and the TV Partition. Vertical lines mean movement but when matching it with white color, it become calm and composed like a bedroom of a young astronaut who full with energy and enthusiasm but reliable and dependable at the same time.

|| Bedroom 3 ||

The Modern Luxury Style bedroom with the mix of Futuristic and Sci-fi atmosphere by using shiny elements, glass, abstract pattern marble and lighting in “Daylight” color. The daylight light make the room become unique since normally in the bedrooms we use the Warm tone color light to make the space become relax but in this bedroom which request the “White” light gave our designer and inspiration to design the room with the idea of the serene moonlight of the moon.

|| Bedroom 4 ||

And bedroom 4 are requested to have dark tone so the designer came up with the concept of “The Moon Shadow” or the side of the moon which the sun cannot reach. So with this theme, the main focus point like the Bed’s Headboard and TV Partition are chosen to be in black or black-grey color, like a shadow, but behind the shadow of the moon, there are dimly light shine behind the moon. The wooden materials are used as sub-material in the area to make the room become more relax and comfortable for a goodnight sleep.
And this is ‘Moonlight in the City (Part 1) : Journey to the moon’, the journey that introduce you to the common area of the apartment. Next month, we will take you to see the bedrooms of this moonlight project.
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