Pastel Gray Residence

Bangkok, Thailand


2 person

45 Sq.m.

Modern Contemporary


Pastel Gray Residence is the 45 square-meters cozy-size residential apartment unit which design in Modern Contemporary Style, focusing on space and function while create the room atmosphere to be sweet and comfy by using pastel gray tone colors.


  • Living and Dining Area
  • Bedroom (x1)


|| Living and Dining Area ||

The unit was 2-Bedrooms apartment before it had modified to be 1-Bedroom with larger living and dining area. The living and dining area are open space to make the space become more spacious for cozy size apartment. The dining table and sofa is the room’s focal point which give a relax and comfortable feeling together with a sense of luxurious with the dining table pendant light, the marble at the TV partition and the decorated cornice which built around the area ceiling to make the space become more interesting and homey.
The kitchen counter also extended from one to two sides to fit the requirement of the owners that loves to cook and bake. Aside from counter work top, the rest space are filled up with cabinets which function to be storage for tableware, cooking utensils and confectionery equipment.

|| Bedroom ||

Not only with the pastel gray tone colors, but the designer also choose to use short plush velvet fabric to create tranquilize and comfortable atmosphere. The short plush velvet fabric give the feeling of elegancy, soft and it is easy to clean. While using the rose-gold mirror as a headboard separator and the semi-circle dressing mirror to make the space become more vast.
The closet door also use the same rose-gold mirror to make the space become harmonize. Moreover, each side of the closet also function as a display shelf, one is for the bags and accessories and another is the shelf for displaying make-up and beauty products together with with beautiful perfume bottle which will make the become pleasant and lively.
And this is our proudly presented ‘Pastel Gray Residence’, the residential apartment unit in pastel gray tone colors.
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