Bareo’s Delicacy : Condominium Edition



2-4 person

35 – 100 Sq.m.



These past 10 years “ Condominium ” or known as “ Residential Apartment ” become more and more popular in Thailand since the size is compact, easy for living, have security system and have most of the needed facilities. If you need to re-locate it also easier and have more freedom than owning a house. So this type of residential become more suitable for the new generation’’s lifestyle who have to work and have less time to taking care of the entire house.
The condominium interior design and decoration can be various more style than “ Minimal ”. And can be decorated beautifully with all function needed in the limited space. Today we would like to present to you, 6 of our interior design projects which have area less than 100 square-meters.


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|| Le Petite Élégance ||

Style : French Contemporary Luxury
Size : 51 Sq.m.
One of the thing that make “ Condominium ” (aka; Residential Apartment) is different from “ House ” is the first welcoming area after you enter the main entrance. Every house welcoming area would be the Foyer but for the condominium, the welcoming area usually a living or dining area due to limited space. And the area usually open to be an open space to reduce the tightness of space.
This project design and decorated in French Contemporary Luxury style which pay much attention on the details and ornaments. From the antique mirror at the TV partition and bed’s head board, the decorated gold lines, the French contemporary pendant lighting to the patterned wood work painted in Maple Snow color… The special signature color of Bareo. All that have been mentioned make the work become dazzling like the Palace of Versailles. When combined with the neat and trendy of the contemporary, which use the neutral tone colors and playing with lines, make the room become clean, calm and beautiful. Suitable to be a vacation apartment that can enjoy the sea view of Pattaya.

|| The Gentility of French Classic ||

Style : French Classic
Size : 100 Sq.m.
The next project is also a condominium which design and decorated in “ French Classic ” style that have more decorated cornice and elements which give more classic vibe to the space. The entire room size is bigger yet full with functions to responded to client’s requirement. The highlight of the project which we would like to talk about is the public area (Entrance Hall, Living and Dining) where had walls to divided the space from each other. So the first thing we did was taking the wall out.
The wall may be useful to separated spaces in a proper zoning yet it also block the natural light to coming inside. To stay in the room without natural light may make the resident feel uncomfortable. So one of the solution is to replace the wall with the partition or the wall with the void which allow the light to pass through inside.

|| Recall of the Paris ||

Style : Classic Contemporary
Size : 35 Sq.m.
The renovation of condominium’s bedroom and living area project is set in the center of luxurious downtown city under the concept of ‘Recall of the Paris’. The remodeling design is filled with memory, feeling and the essence of a mesmerizing city of France, Paris. The design is crafted in European style in accordance to the preference of the previous owner who resided overseas for decades.
The apartment was divided to be a home office and workshop then left 35 square-meters for private area. So ‘White & Grey Color’ become the main tone of the space to give a clean and wide atmosphere. The curve lines use to decrease the uncomfortable of the limited spaces while the mirror are the important element to enlarge the space.

|| Along with the River ||

Style : Modern Luxury
Size : 82.5 Sq.m.
Lighting is one of the method to make the room atmosphere become good or bad. Warm White color together with gold lines decoration are chosen for this project to make the room become warm and cozy. The lighting is not just a downlight on the ceiling but can also located at the wall too. In this project, our designer decided to have the light strip run down along the wall not only to make the room bright but also help defined the space of the living and dining area.

|| Little Sweet Lemon Condominium ||

Style : Modern Contemporary
Size : 60 Sq.m.
Modern Contemporary style are also modern style but warmer with materials used and the decorated lines. To make the apartment become unique, add a focal point color to the room is recommended. Different tones give different moods e.g. Red or Orange tones might give you excited or active feeling, Pink or Lavender will create sweet and soft atmosphere, Blue or Green give a cool and relax vibe. And in this project we use the Yellow like Lemon Meringue Tart to make the space become fresh and lively.

|| Blue Sea : Holiday Condominium ||

Style : Coastal Cottage
Size : 65 Sq.m.
We just mentioned about the tones that Blue or Green give a cool and relax vibe. So the blues are used in this Vacation Apartment room mix with the Coastal Cottage atmosphere and the concept ‘The beachside blue lighthouse’ which make you feel like resting at the seaside and enjoy your weekend.
The Blues in this project are matched with natural wood color which represent the color of the beach and the sea. Many tones of Blue are used such as the vivid blue at the Master Bedroom entrance door give a cool & calm feeling, The pastel blue at the furniture make the space become light and lively, and the Pastel Blue-Green give a fresh feeling which suitable for the room owner which is a cute teenager girls.
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