The Dinings : Taste and Aesthetic

Chiang Mai, Thailand


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‘Dining’ is one of the indispensable place in the house. It is the place where family gather. In this month, we have selected the dining area design from projects to let everyone see this the different interior design of this warm and meaningful place.


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|| Moonlight in the City ||

See full project : Moonlight in the City
The Dining Room is the space where it clearly separate the room from other room by walls and door. To have this room area, create privacy and orderliness of the function. To clarify where to gather and enjoy eating together.
This project have one wall of display shelf and another wall for TV partition so the family members can enjoy the entertainment together or choose to absorb the calm and elegant atmosphere here happily.

|| Pure Modern Suite ||

See full project : Pure Modern Suite
On the other hand, if you like privacy but also prefer open spaces, this project is the good inspiration Dining Area. This space have wall parallel on both side as a display shelf. On one end is a large windows and on another is a hall way leads to other places in the house.
Even there is no wall to separate the room but we can still define the space by using the different type of floor materials. In this dining area, the designer choose to use the herringbone floor pattern to create a cool and active feeling at the same time.

|| The Extraordinary Penthouse ||

See full project : The Extraordinary Penthouse
If you want a space for multi-function, this project can be a good model. The dining, living and pantry and combined to be one large open area, or divided to be smaller space by using the partition to separate each area. To have all area together, Dining+Living, Dining+Pantry or only Dining area.

|| The Contemporary Lanna ||

See full project : The Contemporary Lanna
And if you already decided that you would like to combined the living and dining area without any partition like this project which the owner prefer to have a clear open space to enjoy the nice city view together with enjoying a delicious meal.
The highlight of this project is the special design of the dining chairs and dining table which design to have a Thai’s Lanna atmosphere together with the modern style, create a charming design for this apartment.

|| The Blissful Paradise ||

See full project : The Blissful Paradise
Magnificent space can be create with the double volume ceiling height. Even it is connected with the living area, but the different ceiling height can defined the space of eace area clearly.
This dining area also have the pivot door which can open to connect the space with the courtyard which create even more interesting space. Aside from catching the wind and enjoy natural light, it also expand the space of the dining area and connect the space for more activities such as party.

|| Silvery Forest ||

See full project : Silvery Forest
Last but not least, the dining table can be more than just a table for eating. It can also combine the space with the pantry island so it can be both space for food preparation and eating together.
Having a dining table in the pantry can create a activity together in the family such as cooking together or chatting while cooking which strengthen the relationship within the family. The serving can also done fast and the good cooking smell will still stay in the air while eating too.
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