The Contemporary Lanna (Part 2)

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Up to 6 person

315 Sq.m.

Contemporary Lanna


“Lanna” was a ancient kingdom in the north of Thailand. Nowadays Chiang Mai is one of the provinces that have preserved the Lanna’s charming art and culture which people love.
Like the owner of this beautiful penthouse who impress with the senses of Lanna and Thai Style and decided to bring them into his own home. Mix and match the essence of Lanna and Thai style with the modern materials and functions. To have a wonderful relaxing place within the serene natural scenario of Chiang Mai.


  • Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Hall 2
  • Bedroom (x4)
  • Living & Dining Area
  • Library
  • Bathroom (x3)


|| Pool Area ||

Pool Area or Pool Table Hall for playing Pool might not be a common function in the house but for the owner who loves to play Pool, this area is one of the most important area in the apartment. The area design to be open space, not only for the cue stick range but also make the space relax and airy, and also can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Chiangmai.

|| Master Bedroom ||

Master Bedroom was interior design and decorated in Thai Modern style with the sense of Lanna to create the cozy, relax and elegant atmosphere at the same time. The headboard design to have two ends bending inside and upholster with leather, create the timeless classic atmosphere. At the end of the bed are large TV for enjoying movies and sports. And if the owner want to change the atmosphere, they can open the balcony doors to let the wind flow inside or go to site outside and enjoy the city of Chiangmai.

|| Master Bathroom ||

Master Bathroom are design to be brighter than the Master Bedroom since the bathroom located in the area without window. The main material used in the bathroom is white marble which easy to clean and maintain. Decorated with black boarder to create the dimension to the room. Aside from the basin area, there is also a space for dressing counter so the owner can dress inside the bathroom with ease.
In the shower area, there is a Magnificent Rain Shower together with the Body Jet Spray or the high pressure shower and the Hand Shower to customize your bathing experiences. The floor material are chosen to be Amazonite marble with polished and horned surface. Shining brightly from the curved artificial black marble wall which create a cool and stylish atmosphere for the room.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

Bedroom 2 is a sweet and cozy like a vanilla ice cream atmosphere with Thai charm. The craved wooden partition (Fa Pa Khon) are also used in this room to create harmony with the apartment atmosphere. The oval style reflected mirror also create the unique and historical atmosphere. The arch at the window create a accent frame for the Ping River scenario.

|| Bedroom 3 ||

In Bedroom 3 inspired from an international Asian culture with Thai style which influent by Chinese atmosphere. The chosen color in this room is the egg yolk yellow (Khai-gai Yellow) which at first the designer want to use gold color to represent the nick name of Thailand, “Suvarnnabhumi”, which mean the land of gold (Suvarn = Gold, Bhumi = Land). But to make the room suitable to relax and rest so the designer decided to use the Khai-gai yellow instead. The room also connect with the Jack-and-Jill Bathroom so this room become a comfortable ensuite bedroom.

|| Jack-and-Jill Bathroom ||

The Jack-and-Jill Bathroom have 2 entrances, one from the pool area and another from Bedroom 3. This bathroom designed to have a Thai-Thai atmosphere with the antique pattern tiles and the decorated lines which remind the user to feel like they are in the relax Thai style resort.
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