Loft Style Interior

Loft Style Interior

The way you decorate your home is an art in itself. The interior and design of each home is different and the feelings exuded by every space will also differ from each other. One particular style that has been very popular in recent years is the loft style interior design. A lot of people have been trying to recreate the atmosphere of a loft in their homes. This particular style emphasizes the raw and sophisticated at the same time.
The origins of loft style can be traced back to the middle of 19th century France, right after the Industrial Revolution. At this time, a lot of factories were abandoned and these were sold as warehouses or used as artist studios.
The factories were built in a way that large machines could be stored in them. This is why the structures had high ceilings and large support beams. Since they were meant to serve an industrial purpose, interior beauty was not of primary concern while building them. However, these features and the exposed raw material around the space are what accidentally created the charming loft style that we know today. This style is cool and warm at the same time.
Loft Style Interior

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Highlights of loft style interior


In an authentic loft, there is a high vaulted ceiling because the structure was originally a factory. This particular feature is rarely a part of a regular house or apartment. However, the same effect can be recreated in a few ways. If the ceiling is high enough, you can add another level to the space in the form of a mezzanine floor that makes it look like a loft. This cannot be done in standard homes where the ceiling height is generally around 2.6 – 3 meters. In such spaces, you can add decorative beams that add a loft-like atmosphere instead.
Loft Style Interior

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Bare structure and materials

Original loft structures don’t have interior walls and are mostly a large open space. If you minimize the number of walls in your home, it will give you the same feeling and allow you to maximize the space that you have. It also allows light and air to flow through the house freely.
The materials primarily used in lofts are brick walls, wooden beams, bare cement and steel. The fittings like pipes and ventilation are generally exposed as well. This industrial aesthetic can be achieved in a modern home by using exposed brick. Subway tiles can be used in bathrooms or kitchens as an accent. Using neutrals and lighter shades will allow you to add the classic drywall feature to your home. Using darker colors will make the space look smaller.
Loft Style Interior

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Loft style furniture

Loft style furniture is a little different from the furnishing in standard homes. A lot of loose furniture is used to make the space look more open and airy. This means that furniture is not fixed or placed against walls. Since lofts have minimal walls, the furniture is arranged in a way to section off different areas. However, it is not possible to solely have loose furniture in a house you live in for the long term. A loft style interior can be achieved by balancing loose furniture with built-in furniture. This will make the space more functional even while achieving the desired aesthetic.
Loft Style Interior

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Unless you live in an original loft space, it might be difficult to achieve the exact color palette of a loft. However, it is not impossible. You may not have brick or raw cement walls, but you can follow the color scheme of lofts. The main colors scheme should include shades of white, gray and black. The floors and walls can be white. Black and gray can be the tones for any steel structures around the house. Pick out furniture in colors different from the surrounding walls or floor.
Loft Style Interior

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Lofts with high ceilings tend to have very tall windows. They either have full height windows or double volume windows. This allows a lot of natural light to enter the space from outside. However, your house may not have such high ceilings or tall windows. To achieve a similar ambiance in your house or apartment, you need to add lighting fixtures that provide the traditional loft feel. Hanging lights are primarily used in loft style interiors since they add a dynamic look while spreading warm light across the room. Draping string lights along the exposed beams will also add to the loft style aesthetic. Fixtures like Edison bulbs help in creating the industrial design effect.
Loft Style Interior

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If you add a mezzanine level in your house to achieve a loft effect, you will have loft stairs leading up to it. Usually, the stairs are a steel structure and can be of different designs. You can opt for a spiral, L-shaped or U-shaped staircase for your home. However, the disadvantage of steel stairs in a residential space is that they can be quite noisy when someone walks up or down. To avoid this, it might be better to build a wooden staircase.
Loft Style Interior

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Advantages of a loft style house

1. Spaciousness

Loft style homes have a lot of open space and furniture is placed in a way that makes it look more spacious. It allows the house to be well ventilated and feel comfortable

2. Natural light

The tall windows or the double windows allow the space to get a lot of natural light from outside. Natural light is a lot more relaxing and cozy than synthetic light. Another advantage is that you save on electricity during the day.

3. Convenient

The loose furniture used in a loft style home allows you to move things around quite conveniently. It is also quite suitable for people living in a rental or a temporary house.
Loft Style Interior

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Disadvantages of a loft style house

1. Echo

Since loft style houses are very open and lack interior walls, it is hard to prevent sound from carrying around the house. This is why sounds tend to echo through the area. This can be especially troublesome if you live in a noisy area where loud noises carry into the apartment

2. Lack of storage space

If too much loose furniture is placed around a loft style house, it can make things look cluttered. This is why minimal furniture is brought in. However, unless furnishing and placement is done in the right way, storage can be an issue

3. Temperature control issues

The wide open area also makes it difficult to control the temperature in the house. For instance, too much sunlight can make the entire space too hot. It takes more time to cool the entire area than it would take to cool a smaller room. Similarly, it can be difficult to heat up the whole house on a cold night. In Thailand, the main issue would be to control the dampness during the rainy season

Photo By : Skylar Kang on Pexels

The design of a loft style home has a charming combination of rustic and modern elements. They are a unique style of interior design that more and more people have been embracing in recent years. You can use the tips given here to recreate a lofty ambiance in your home as well.
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