Silvery Forest — Cool & Cozy Condominium

Bangkok, Thailand


4 Members

180 Sq.m.

Modern Japanese


The 180 square-meters apartment in the high-rise building located in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok Metropolis. The design aims to create cool and refreshing atmosphere with the used of bright color tones and the serene of the design. While used the natural material ‘Wood’ as a main element giving the cozy and homey feeling, to create the perfect ‘Cool & Cozy’ atmosphere.


  • Living & Dining Area
  • Bedroom (x2)
  • Bathroom (x3)


|| Living & Dining Area ||

The space of the ‘Living and Dining area’ have been combine together as one to create a spacious open sharing space as the heart of the room. The space give the sense of abstractly divided by the used of the furniture, the L-shape sofa and the kitchen-dining island which have both the function for cook and for dine.
To create the feeling like always living in the snowy winter even you’re living in Thailand, the electronic fireplace without heat are located in this calm and bright living area. The natural shade and shadow can also be control by the sliding panel which give freedom to the owner to create their own preferable atmosphere.

|| Bedroom 1 ||

Bedroom 1 is an ensuite bedroom which have nicely divided the space decorated with owner’s painting collection. The room was design under the though of ‘Balance Asymmetry’ to give the sense of of relax and serenity, suitable for resting at night and have a fresh morning along with the scenario of Bangkok Metropolis.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

One side of Bedroom 2 was designed with the ‘Symmetry’ concept which have balances the design with care. The bed-base are lifted up with the inspiration like a Japanese lifted floor. The glowing light strip give a peaceful yet shining atmosphere. The other side of the room are designed to balance with the used of elements. On the right is the light color full-height closet while on the left is the low cabinet but add more weight with the dark color painting.

|| Bathrooms ||

All three bathroom are design under the concept of ‘Zen Style Bathroom’ which make the user feel relax like resting in the peaceful Onsen Ryoukan. The bathrooms used the wooden tiles to give the feeling of natural material yet still easy to maintain, charming and full with all usage functions.
All the edges and sharp corner in this project are all erase and make it soft and round to serve the need and safety for our tiny client, one of the room owners.
And this is ‘Silvery Forest — Cool & Cozy Condominium’ the Modern Japanese style apartment which both have cozy and refreshing atmosphere altogether in one place.
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