Good Night, Sweet Dream


Bangkok, Thailand

3-Story House

4-6 Members

720 Sq.m.

Classic Contemporary


‘Bedroom’ is the most personal space that you can express yourself freely through the decoration style, colors, decorative elements or even tell the lifestyle of each room’s owner by looking at the furniture positions.
Today lets us bring you to meet with 4 bedrooms from four owner with different lifestyle under the same roof of ‘Classic Contemporary’ style home.


  • Bedroom (4 Units)


|| Bedroom #1 ||

Classic Colonial style master bedroom decorated with smoked gold and natural pattern wallpaper for refreshing atmosphere. The planning separate the zoning between living and sleeping area clearly.

|| Bedroom #2 ||

Like a princess in the fairy tales, this sweet and mellow room was design for a lovable lady, full of love and dream, with the arch design like a real castle. The room unique is the small yet cozy den for personal reading area.

|| Bedroom #3 ||

Sweet and neat baby pink bedroom with design inspired from mansions in Europe. There are working station beside TV in the bed area but also have another living room for welcoming the personal guests.

|| Bedroom #4 ||

Everything functions from bed to living and closet are perfectly fit inside this warm yet cool earth-tone room, left the space enough for having a personal art gallery at the entrance hallway.
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