Nihon | Homu | Kofuku
The House of Happiness

Khonkean, Thailand

Two-Story Home

4 Member

150 Sq.m.

Modern Japanese


The vacation house which mix and match the sense of Zen atmosphere together with the modern style. In amidst of composed nature and relaxing design in Japanese style house, the material is naturally made and simply decorated in a minimalist way. The essential point of traditional Japanese style is that every room is intricately connected. The rooms are normally separated when the door is closed while conveniently interconnected when the door is opened. Create flexible space which suitable for various activities.
Knowledge Note :
Nihon (Hiragana : にほん, Kanji : 日本) = Japan
Homu (Hiragana : ほむ, Kanji : 保無) = Home, House
Kofuku (Hiragana : こうふく, Kanji : 幸福) = Happiness


So… Nihon | Homu | Kofuku = The JAPANESE style, HOUSE of HAPPINESS


  • Foyer

  • Dining

  • Tea Ceremony Room

  • Living

  • Pantry

  • Bedroom (3 Units)


|| Foyer ||

|| Living ||

|| Dining ||

|| Tea Ceremony Room ||

|| Master Bedroom ||

|| Bedroom 2 ||

|| Bedroom 3 ||

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