Seahorse PCL Head Office

Bangkok, Thailand


45 Staffs

750 Sq.m.

Fusion Modern


The new head office of Seahorse PCL, the clean energy company, that move from the southern of Thailand to office building in Bangkok. Our designer, Worawut Thammakulangkul, are especially requested from the clients to design in this project. The concept of this head office is the combination of ‘Dynamic Lines’ and ‘Clean & Clear’ atmosphere.
The spaces are fix due to the limitation of the office building existed structure, so we decided to be extra careful on space planning and ‘Fengshui’ in design. One of the biggest problem of the office building is the natural light, without natural light can mentally impact the staffs and make them feel more exhausted. To compensated the issue, our designer integrated colorful and playful elements in the design as a resolve which perfectly satisfied our clients.


  • Lobby

  • CEO rooms

  • Meeting Room (2 Rooms)

  • Cafeteria


|| Lobby ||

|| Meeting Room ||

|| CEO rooms ||

|| Cafeteria ||

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