The Art of Living

Bangkok, Thailand

Two-Story Home

4-8 Members

200 Sq.m.

Modern Luxury


‘Lifestyle’ is one of the ‘Art of Living’ which have uniquely different with diverse aesthetic for each person. In this project, the owners are well required to organize their house area with the ‘Tones’. The tones on the 1st floor will be darker tones with black leading in the Living and grey in the Dining as it can be both public and private area. The working area also used the Earth dark tones to create mature atmosphere and lighter tones are applied in the personal spaces like bedrooms to make the room feel cozy and relax.


  • Foyer

  • Dining

  • Bedroom (2 Units)

  • Living

  • Working Area

  • Walk-in-closet


|| Foyer ||

|| Living ||

|| Dining ||

|| Working Area ||

|| Master Bedroom ||

|| Bedroom ||

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