Wabi Sabi ie | 侘寂 – 家

Art of Japanese

Bangkok, Thailand

Two-Story Home 3-4 Members 294 Sq.m. Modern Japanese


Wabi Sabi is one of the Japanese art styles that communicates about simplicity and beauty of nature. This ‘ Wabi Sabi ie ‘ the two-storey house is filled with the essence of Japanese serenity and its intricate artistry. The stunning design that is authentic yet meticulously detailed, resembling the power of Yin and Yang which makes this residence into a complete and aesthetic home — an invaluable art piece.


  • Foyer

  • Living

  • Bedroom (2 Units)

  • Shoes Room

  • Dining

  • Fitness


|| Foyer ||

|| Shoes Room ||

|| Living ||

|| Dining ||

|| Fitness ||

|| Master Bedroom ||

|| Bedroom 2 ||

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