Working at Home

Favorite Workspace

Bangkok, Thailand

3-Story House

4-6 Members

720 Sq.m.

Classic Contemporary


How is your Work-From-Home (WFH) experience? Do you find your favorite spots at home to be your workspace? Aside from devices and good internet connection, Today we would like to introduce you to another important thing for working from home… ‘Working Station’, the space which can give an inspiration to work smoothly.


  • Working Room
  • Dining Area
  • Living Area

  • Buddhism Tabernacle


|| Working Room ||

Work-From-Home (WFH) won’t be hard if you already have a working room at home. You can sit your same old comfortable position and get your job done smoothly. This is one of the working room designed to have relax atmosphere and bright tone to be suitable for working. The golden color and Classic pattern details are decoration which give the exclusive and dignify feeling in the room.

|| Living Area ||

Enjoying nice view while working is another aesthetic of life. Cozy sofa and chilling atmosphere may inspired you more than tense environment. The highlight of this presented living area are the used of materials, reflected mirror, to make the room wider. All four walls decorated with Victorian style decorative moulding.

|| Dining Area ||

Social distancing may make your dining area lonely without family and friends but it is also the space where can easiest adapt to be your new working space. This dining area decorated in white give the sense of luxurious and serene. The atmosphere can be control by the sheer and blackout curtain. If the dining table is no longer inspired you, moving your seat to a more chilling bar island can be a great idea as well.

|| Buddhism Tabernacle ||

‘Buddhism Tabernacle’ may not be the working space… but it is a space where we can ease and rest our mind from working. The room is carefully design under owner’s special care. White color represent the pureness and the gold is the sacred atmosphere which can give you a calmness and inspiration.
And these are the working space at home in the Work From Home situation. They’re the same project as ‘Good Night, Sweet Dream : Bedrooms’ which we have released last month.
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