Zen & Moroccan

The Unique Combination

Pathum Thani, Thailand


1-2 Members

60 Sq.m.

Zen – Moroccan

Fusion Style


The space which combined two contrast styles, Serene Zen and Moroccan’s identity, together in one place. The common area are design to be peaceful with the use of materials and sense of modern yet have lots of hidden function. While private spaces, the bathrooms, are inspired from Moroccan style that rich in pattern and colors.


  • Living & Dining Area
  • Bedroom (x1)
  • Working Room

  • Bathroom (x2)


|| Living & Dining Area ||

Welcome all guests and owner with the serene living and dining area in Zen style. The style design to have a calm and relax atmosphere. Blue color in the design make the space become more fresh and friendly.

|| Working Room ||

Working room separate from the common area completely to create privacy and concentration. At the same time, the room have a window-side area to be a space for relax and recharge from tasks given.

|| Bedroom ||

Bedroom are specially insisted from the owner to be the most serene so the owner can have a time for themselves and enjoy their meditation. So ‘wood’ become the main materials of the space, support with the use of lines to give a sense of stability and peaceful.

|| Bathroom No.1 ||

The bathroom in the ensuite bedroom decorated in Moroccan-Zen style which merge the aesthetic inspired from Morocco’s and the use of natural materials of Zen (in this case, wooden tiles to fit with the usage purpose).

|| Bathroom No.2 ||

Last but not least, the bathroom in common area, decided to decorated in same style but different tone colors to give the feeling of cleanliness and clear for every guests of the room.
And this is ‘Zen & Moroccan – The Unique Combination’ the apartment that combine two contrast style together.
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