The Art & Lifestyle [Part 2]

Bangkok, Thailand


2-4 person

350 Sq.m.

Modern Contemporary


‘ Art ’ is one of the aesthetic which can make us relax and falling deep in thought with each of their meaning or hidden message. Looking at art in different perspective or different time can also make the art have different meaning. When we put the art pieces in the house, it make the space become lively and romantic. For this project, not only the art but also the interior design are also a piece of fine art created by the designers who aims to hid lots of gimmick within this beautiful and comfy apartment.
This is the 2nd part which follow the The Art & Lifestyle [Part 1] project. We will show you more aesthetic of this apartment.


  • Foyer
  • Minibar Room
  • Bedroom (x2)
  • Living & Dining Area
  • Tea Room


|| Tea Room ||

Tea Room is one of the main highlight of this apartment which requested by the owner who want a serene room for blending tea, slowly sipping and enjoy the river view calmly.
The Tea Blending is also a type of art which can be perceive abstractly. To sense it, you need to have a clear and calm emotion so our designer decided to use white tone which represent the purity as a main color in the design. The stone and marble also chosen to be the main materials in the area to give the sense of stability. Add the liveliness to the room with the decorated tree. Or you can enjoy the fresh nature at the outdoor the balcony which have a stone garden in Zen-Contemporary style that invited you to go out and enjoy the wind, sighting the beautiful sunset and enjoy this calm happiness everyday.

|| Hall ||

The hall leading you to rooms in this gorgeous apartment. On the way are design to be a private gallery which the guest can enjoy the paintings and sculptures from the owner’s private collection.

|| Master Bedroom ||

Master Bedroom also decided to use white tone as the main tone of the room yet the room is full of hidden Fashion Elements to make the room livelier. Starting from the bedroom’s entrance hall which decorated with wall lamp on both side, lead the way to the best or most favorite art piece of all owner’s collections. Turn to meet with the resting area which design the wall to have layers and hidden light to create dimension to the room. Together with the decorated arch which design from perforated metal in artistic pattern on the black background to make the room memorable and lively.
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