Peace Residence

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story Home

2-4 person

150 Sq.m.

Modern Japanese


Happy New Year 2023! We bless everyone to have a happy and peaceful year. With this blessing, we would like to share the first project of this year “Peaceful Residence” the two stories house decorated in Modern Japanese style which give a calm and relax atmosphere for escaping the city’’s chaos every weekend.


  • Pantry
  • Bedroom (x2)
  • Living & Dining
  • Bathroom (x2)


|| Living & Dining ||

The first zone you will meet is the living and dining area which design to be open space without partition or wall. The living area’s Sofa is a 3 seaters L-Shape cozy sofa which inviting the owner to sit down and rest while watching TV.
Beside the dining table is the display and storage to collected the tableware elements together with being a small dry pantry for snacks and drink.

|| Master Bedroom ||

The Master Bedroom design in bright tone which give a calm and relax atmosphere. The main material is the wood to give the warm and cozy feeling. The bed’s headboard have a uplight to create the dimension to the room and make the room warm with the Warm White color LED light. At the bed’s end wall design to be a shelf for displaying the owner’’s collection and the sound bar for listening to music.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

The main color of this guest room is white since it is a neutral color which can suit everyone taste. The room is full of function for a short stay like the bed, night table and closet. Above the bed is a small shelf to display the collection or painting to make the visitor feel at peace and have a comfortable stay.

|| Working Room ||

The working room originally is another bedroom transform to be the owner’’s workspace. The room main function is to collected the paper documents so the cabinet design to have solid doors. Yet, there are doorless space for frequently use document or displaying the owner’s collection. There is also a big space for the sound speaker or a decorated vase to make the room become more lively. In front of the working table is the TV for the private video conference or for entertainment after finish the work.
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