Snowfall in Bangkok

[Part 1: Wandering in the Snow]

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story House

4-6 person

500 Sq.m.

Modern Luxury


From unforgettable trip to the interior design inspiration… Switzerland is the land of snow and fresh air that full with the good memories of the owners. Our designer take the concept and characteristics of what they like, and then transform it into the pure white tone design with the used of cool materials like marble, tiles and glass. To create a cool and fresh atmosphere within the hot sunshine of Thailand.


  • Foyer
  • Dining Area
  • Working Room
  • Buddha Room
  • Living Area
  • Pantry & Kitchen
  • Family Area
  • Bedroom (x4)


|| Foyer ||

The first impression is one of the important thing in every trip… like the first impression of every guests coming to this place.
The foyer area design to be double volume area decorated with the marvelous design chandelier, give a stunning and enchanting atmosphere form the first step entering the house. The interior design in snow white tone with the dark lines give the sense of the snow mountain, the travel destinations of Switzerland.
The area is not functioned only as a welcoming area but also located the Chinese Earth Shrine, the sacred house’s shrine of Thai people of Chinese descent. The shrine believed to protect family members and bring prosperity. The shrine located facing the entrance door according to fengshui.
This white Chinese Earth Shrine is Bareo’s original design “ Teeju : Annona ” the Shrine which have a proportions meaning about “ Wealth, Success and Wishes that will be Fulfill ”… If you interested in this product please feel free to contact us at Facebook : Design by Bareo, Phone Number +66 61-846-6633 or email :

|| Living Area ||

The living area connected with the foyer. The concept of this area is to make the space look chilly and fresh. The main tone of the area are white and grey while materials like marble and tiles are used to lead the cool feeling.

|| Dining Area ||

The next area is the dining area which have 8-seats dining table. This area interior atmosphere designed to be more bright and lively to create a good atmosphere when the family dine together.

|| Pantry & Kitchen ||

The pantry have a small counter bar for light meal or night time relaxing, preparing cold cut food or easy cooking food like sandwich, salad or canapé along with the drinks like coffee, tea or bottle drinks. And if the heavy meal is require, you can walk to the kitchen easily connecting with the pantry.

|| Bedroom 1 ||

Bedroom 1 located at the lower floor of the house, decorated with earth tone colors to make the space become warm and relax. The wall currently design to be a plain panels to be ready for hanging the photo frames in the future.
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