Snowfall in Bangkok

[Part 2: Clear Night Sky]

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story House

4-6 person

500 Sq.m.

Modern Luxury


From unforgettable trip to the interior design inspiration… Switzerland is the land of snow and fresh air that full with the good memories of the owners. Our designer take the concept and characteristics of what they like, and then transform it into the pure white tone design with the used of cool materials like marble, tiles and glass. To create a cool and fresh atmosphere within the hot sunshine of Thailand.


  • Foyer
  • Dining Area
  • Working Room
  • Buddha Room
  • Living Area
  • Pantry & Kitchen
  • Family Area
  • Bedroom (x4)


|| Hall ||

This Hall is connected with the Foyer area. The designer designed this space to be fashion yet cozy at the same time. The area main activity is for the family members to have a chats or sit in an open space to work in serenity. White color make the space bright and clean, while grey color make the space calm and warm.

|| Master Bedroom ||

This Master Bedroom main mission is to design the room that “Luxurious like sleeping in the hotel every night yet comfortable and homey everyday. In this room, have a full-function of Living Area, Bed Area, Walk-in-Closet Area and Bathroom. Living and Bed area are divided with a see-through partition to connected the zones. The main tone of this room is Natural Wood to have a refreshing atmosphere and Black to make the room become calm and cool.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

This sweet princess’ pink tone bedroom were designed to used pastel pink, beige and rose gold color as a main colors. The style is Modern Contemporary with a little bit of a grown fine woman atmosphere. The arch and curve-edge shelf make the room become more smooth and tender with the function in all area; Bed, Working and Relaxing. The design focus in every details of the background in each area to be stunning for taking a photos or having an online conferences.

|| Bedroom 3 ||

We introduced you to the princess bedroom, now it’s time for the room of the little princess. Full of imagination and liveliness, the colorful vivid pink make the room cheerful and full with positive energy. The designer’s pick is the working area which have a hidden light behind the partition, not only make it glowing but also make the working area become brighter.
Even it is for the little princess, the room is awaiting for her to be a grown delicate princess like her sister. So the Walk-in-Closet were design to be cute with full function, while Bareo’s closet door can be change when she grow up and may have new preferences, the design can be as her wish.

|| Working Room ||

One of the room that cannot be missed in nowadays life, the new normal life, is the working station to fit with the Work From Home lifestyle. Working room designed to have a serious and calm atmosphere but use light color with wood texture visible to relieve the stress. So thee work can be done with ease in working time to enjoy the resting time outside the room to the fullest.
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