The Art & Lifestyle [Part 1]

Bangkok, Thailand


2-4 person

350 Sq.m.

Modern Contemporary


‘ Art ’ is one of the aesthetic which can make us relax and falling deep in thought with each of their meaning or hidden message. Looking at art in different perspective or different time can also make the art have different meaning. When we put the art pieces in the house, it make the space become lively and romantic. For this project, not only the art but also the interior design are also a piece of fine art created by the designers who aims to hid lots of gimmick within this beautiful and comfy apartment.


  • Foyer
  • Minibar Room
  • Bedroom (x2)
  • Living & Dining Area
  • Tea Room


|| Foyer ||

The first impression for every guests and owners is the welcoming area, the foyer. After entering, you will meet with a zen garden corner together with a bench for taking off shoes. And when you turn, the stunning selected art piece will be there to gather every sight, in the middle of the designed curved partition. The designer design the console and the lines of the curved partition to match with the art piece. Harmonious like one big piece of art.
Beside the partition, there is a place for the sculpture. The background designed to made with wood, perforated in the Thai pattern which decoded into a contemporary art. At another side, the designer choose to use the curve glass partition with gradient translucent color to make the sculpture outstanding, before entering the living area.

|| Living & Dining ||

The living and dining area is the area where owner and his family can relax and have a precious private time with the family members since in this room required to have no TV so the family can enjoy their conversation, reading and enjoy the art together with the view of Bangkok Metropolis.
One of the highlight in this area is the lines of light which run across the ceiling and down to the wall. The gimmick of this idea is each line have different length, uneven gap between each line and also different depth. Which make the room become lively and extraordinary.

|| Bedroom 1 ||

Bedroom 1 is the calm yet elegance bedroom which give a little bit sense of futuristic, the curve, the white cleanliness and the layers of the elements. The bed’s side night tables are design to be part of the bed base to make it look like a floating table. In the room there are the area for the painting and a small sculpture which can be selected up to owner’s preferences. And last but not least, the warm and cozy armchair design to place at the window-side corner to be the spotted to enjoy the city view together with the serene atmosphere in the room.

|| Minibar Room ||

There is another room hidden in this apartment which used the contrast color with the rest of the apartment. With the idea “To have freedom time for themselves, is also another type of aesthetic”. So to represent ‘ANOTHER’, the designer decided to use dark tone color to change the mood and atmosphere of the room. The mirror was added to make the dark tone room become larger and feel more comfortable. Together with the concept of ‘Art’, the designer does not forget to add the gimmick to the room at the background wall of the Sofa’s which look like a flat wall with different tone but actually the wall have different depth which create a dynamic to the room and make it more interesting.
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