ARG Healthcare Center [Part 2]

:: The VIP Lounge ::

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Healthcare Center

300 – 400 person

1700 Sq.m.

Fusion Futuristic


Hospital is no longer an only choice for you to check up and take care of your health. ‘Healthcare Center’ is an alternative choice where you can visit with ease for annual health check or when you feel like it. Prevent and protect are a new methods of having a good wellness, which you can find at ‘ARG Healthcare Center’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aside from the Laboratory and Consultation Zone, This Healthcare Center also have a waiting area for the clients. Today we will introduce you to the ‘VIP Lounge’ or the waiting and resting area for Healthcare Center’s member or VIP client.


  • VIP Lounge


|| VIP Lounge Plan ||

The VIP Lounge are design with the ‘Galaxy’ concept with the use of the Solar Planet’s orbital lines and Black – Dark Blue tone colors. This VIP Lounge have total of 33-Seats ; 12 Single Seats, 4 Single Armchair, 1 set of Double Seats, 3 set of Triple Seats, 1 set of Four Seated and 1 set of Love Seat.

|| VIP Lounge 3D ||

When arrive at the lounge, the area’s focal point the the ‘Comet Shape Counter’ which function to be a snacks and drinks counter so it have a space for plates and the materials are select to be easy-to-clean material.
Above the Comet Counter is the Solar System Ceiling and have LED light orbital lines to make the area become more fantasy and also act as a decorative light for the space. The round column covered with glossy silver material, not only to make the big column become non-eye-catching but it also look like a light beam run into the galaxy.
Each seats are located with spaces around to give the sense of privacy for the customer. Even siting in the middle of the room still have a stainless partition to divided the space and hide the user of the space.
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