The Enchanted Loft Contemporary [Part 2]

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story Home

4-6 person

545 Sq.m.

Loft Contemporary


Last month, we have posted the article about the 1st floor of this project in The Enchanted Loft Contemporary [Part 1] which decorated the Loft Contemporary style. This month, we will bring you to visit the bedrooms on the 2nd floor which decorated uniquely from each other.


  • Foyer
  • Family No.1 & Dining Room
  • Family No.2 & Study Room
  • Hall No.1
  • Living Area
  • Bedroom (x3)


|| Master Bedroom ||

Master Bedroom are design in Japanese Contemporary Style which merging the Japanese atmosphere together with the modern function. For example, The bed area have beed raise up to separating zoning without partition. But instead of raising high step and lay the Futon which is a traditional Japanese’s Bed, our designer choose to raise a small step and put the modern bed instead so in the rush morning there is no need to roll up and store the Futon in the cabinet. The headboard partition is inspired From the Bamboo Tree’s pattern which give a calm and serenity atmosphere. Behind the partition is the working table which allow to have the full natural light which will give an active and fresh feeling for working.

|| Master Bedroom’s Walk-in-Closet ||

The Walk-in-Closet concept is to be luxury with a romantic atmosphere. The inspiration of this room came from the old movie in sepia tone so the main color of this space is Brown and Sepia. This room located in the middle of the house which does not have natural light so the design mainly use glass door or doorless cabinet to make the space have a serene and bright.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

Bedroom 2 is the combination of the antique house atmosphere together with contemporary style. The headboard is design is inspired from the snow mountain within the mist in between the stone-like wall then add the contemporary reading lamp to mix in the design. Or the window side seats which will be perfect spot for reading especially in the rainy day, but if you zoom out further, there are neon lighting art which exhibit as an permanent contemporary art piece of this room.

|| Bedroom 3 ||

The milk strawberry is the main concept of this room. The sweetness of pink tone but full of function together with the cursive edges design to make the room more soft and friendly. But when walk pass the arch, you will meet with the modern walk-in-closet which is the area where the owner will dress up confidently before going out.
And this is the bedrooms of ‘The Enchanted Loft Contemporary [Part 2]’
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