Mesdame’s Grâce [Part 2]

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story House

4 person

122 Sq.m.

Classic Contemporary


We have talked about the lower floor semi-public area in Mesdame’s Grâce [Part 1] already so in this month, we will introduce you to the bedroom of the ladies of the house.
Each bedroom design according to each owner preference which make each room have its own unique identity as the project name, “Mesdame’s” means ladies’ while “Grâce” mean their pleasure.


  • Foyer
  • Dining Area
  • Bedroom (x3)
  • Living Area
  • Pantry


|| Master Bedroom ||

The master bedroom are design to have a grown-up sweet and elegant atmosphere for couples. According to the lady’s preference, White become the main color scheme of the room to create relax, light and clean atmosphere
Bed’s headboard wall are decorated with marble porcelain, along with the decorated Victorian style wallpaper on both side. The opposite side is the Walk-in-Closet area which located full length along the wall, separated in to His and Her Closets in the same space. At the end of the walkway will be a full-height mirror which allow his and her to check their clothes. And before they go out, as a perfect finish dress up element, the display shelf allow the lady and gentleman to choose their bags that fit with their dress comfortably.

|| Bedroom 1 ||

The owner of Bedroom 1 is a sweet lady who likes feminine style room. So our designer decided to use light sweet tone colors together with materials like baby pink short plush velvet decorated with gold color lines and rivets.
There are definition that define that curve lines or circle are feminine elements that represent delicacy, so at the dressing table side have a circle mirror with hidden light as a heroine of the area with give a fine mood contrast with the marble wall which support the atmosphere to make the room become fine and confident like the lady of the room.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

When we talk about confident, we should talked about the lady who is the Bedroom 2 owner as well. This Bedroom 2 is designed by listing out the lady’s favorite elements, mix and match with other elements designer choose to match her preference e.g. The neon name light at the bed headboard wall, the princess bed canopy, the display shelf with hidden lighting, the curtain rail which is the small gimmick tp create sweet and lovely atmosphere like a room for the little princess.
And this is ‘Mesdame’s Grâce’ [Part 2] is the interior design and decoration of the Ladies’ Bedrooms which full of charm and unique identity
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