The Wonderful Gift

Bangkok, Thailand


4 person

66 Sq.m.

Contemporary Luxury


Everyone have their special people and we always want to give something to make them happy or share our happiness with them whether it is a physical or intangible gift, big or small. This is one of the project that represent the big wonderful physical present… 66 square-meters apartment decorated in Contemporary Luxury Style that granted to their wonderful lovely family.


  • Living & Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom (x2)
  • Washing Room
  • Bedroom (x2)


|| Living & Dining Area ||

Welcoming our beloved with the living and dining area which have a circle stainless steel structure in front of a faded glass partition as a focal point when entering the room which is a unique identity that will make everyone feel like they are home.
The 4-seats dining table is located in the area which easily reach the kitchen and also in the perfect area where you can put the take-away food from outside to enjoy. The display shelf are both for display and tableware storage that easy to reach.
The overall atmosphere is to make everyone feel calm, clear and relax after a long walk from the building corridor so white color are mainly use in the space while dark grey and black color add more dimensional to the room.

|| Master Bedroom ||

The master bedroom is the room with the most beautiful city view which can be enjoy from two side as the room located at the corner of the building. To make the room suitable for both enjoying the outside scenery or relaxing with the room’s function, the main tone of the room decided to be light grey color which is a neutral color that make people feel calm.
The bed’s wall decoration design to have 3 decorated arches with a mirror to add dimension to the space. The gold stainless border both at the bed side and TV side make the room atmosphere brighter and add luxurious to the area. Beside the TV wall, on one side will be working table which can enjoy the outside view for relaxing while working. On the other side is a dressing table that the mirror can be fold down so the owner can appreciate the view without any disturbance.

|| Bedroom 1 ||

Bedroom 1 size is smaller that the master bedroom so the main tone of the room are decided to be white to keep up the bright atmosphere together with the use of grey to make the room feel more comfortable. The bed’s wall partition also have a mirror to make the room wider while using texture to give a better sense of spatial. Beside is the glass and mirror shelf which can store or display the perfume bottle or skincare to be easy to reach and use after dressing.

|| Bathroom ||

The bathrooms are the existing bathroom from the apartment but add the design at the basin wall. One of the bathroom located in the master bedroom which design to be a cut circle shape with the indirect light at the back to highlight the window and make the user reflection more outstanding.
Another bathroom is a jack-and-jill bathroom which can be enter from the living area and bedroom 1 so the design is more conceal to give a privacy to owner’s belonging. The Beauty Mirror in oval shape is a mirror with internal light so user can choose to use the bathroom lighting or add the mirror’s lighting to fits with the function they would like to use at the time.
And this is ‘The Wonderful Gift’ which is a special present that granted to the special one to make the happy. We wish this project will make you happy as well ; )
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