The Enchanted Loft Contemporary [Part 1]

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story Home

4-6 person

545 Sq.m.

Loft Contemporary


Loft Contemporary is the combination between the used of raw natural materials and the modern design as well as convenience functions for this era. The Enchanted Loft Contemporary project is the project which perfectly integrated the warm of Earth Tone colors together with the cool atmosphere.


  • Foyer
  • Family No.1 & Dining Room
  • Family No.2 & Study Room
  • Hall No.1
  • Living Area
  • Bedroom (x3)


|| Foyer ||

Welcome guests and all family members with neat and luxury decorated foyer. The main focal point of the area is the marble wall behind the display sculpture, flanked between the golden mirror which is the cold tone material with the warm tone color. Connected people from the focal point to the side which used wood as the main materials to create cozy first impression before leading to other zones of the house.

|| Family No.1 & Dining ||

Next is the Kitchen, Dining and Family No.1 which this area function is to be an area for preparing easy making food to have a light meal at the island table or the space where family members can spending time together while one is cooking their signature dish, others can sit there and have a conversation or watching a movies together which will create a lovely and cozy atmosphere
The space is an open space but define the zoning with color tones. Darker tone in the kitchen and dining to make the area look clean and tidy while the family zone used the light colors tone to create serene and relax atmosphere.

|| Hall No.1 ||

Hall No.1 is the connecting space between Family No.1 & Dining Room and Living Area which not only functioned as a walkway but hide the storage shelf behind the cabinet which look like a wall. One side of the cabinet is the storage for family’s personal belongings while the other side is the space for 2 slot machines which is a private entertainment for all family members.

|| Living Area ||

Living Area is the main stunning zone of the house with the Double Volume space together with the Step Dropping seats which create a magnificent space. Added the luxuriousness with the black stone wall which go all the way up to the ceiling, match with the navy blue built-in sofa which will impress every visitors with the dignify atmosphere.
Behind the seating area is the loft style staircase. The design aims to create light and modern feelings which achieved by design the have only half of the supported structure, painted in matte black while hidden the LED light in each step to make it convenience to walk.
The area under the staircase designed to be a minibar for private hangout party. The counter front design to be faded color polished mortar to give the sense of using raw materials while hid the Warm White light to make it shed on the material to give a homey atmosphere. The Black Marquina marble is selected for the counter top to match the elegancy of the marble with the loft design.

|| Family No.2 & Study Room ||

Follow with the common area in the 2nd floor, this area is not only for relaxing with family members on the holiday but also a space for study or reading for the children. The decoration in this room design to be neat and tidy, mix with dark tone, wood and polishes mortar to create serene yet unique atmosphere. At the back of the seating area is the display together with the storage cabinet. The display in this room allow family members to set up a seasonal display to make the room lively. The study table connected in L-shaped so user can arrange the working space and an area for references materials or another working chair can be added to so the space can be use by 2 persons at the same time.
And this is the common area of ‘The Enchanted Loft Contemporary [Part 1]’, Part 2 which will introduce you to the bedrooms will be post next month.
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