The Moroccan Contemporary

Bangkok, Thailand

2-Story House

3-5 person

400 Sq.m.

Fushion Style


2-Story residence with Moroccan and Contemporary atmosphere. Each spaces are design to fit owner’s requirement while have the fullest use of function together with the colors selection which make the residence look lively and bright.


  • Foyer
  • Dining & Pantry
  • 2nd Floor Hall
  • Living Area

  • Activity Room
  • Bedroom (x3)


|| Foyer ||

The welcome area are design to have luxury and elegant atmosphere. Both Dark blue and gold colors represent luxurious and noble. In ancient time, dark blue color are only for the elites and royal family since it produce from rare dark blue jewel. Gold color is the color of gold bullion. When both colors match with the Morocco Style which have delicate pattern details while using contemporary style materials, the space become enchanting and create a good impression for every visitor.

|| Living ||

Living area located beside the foyer so the designer decided to use the same tone to make the harmonious of space. White tone furniture are chosen to use in this area to make the space more relax while black are used to create a perfect balance for the zone.

|| Dining & Pantry ||

Dining and Pantry still design in Moroccan style but have a Western Style kitchen function. The island can function to be both food preparation area or dining space while the main dining table are set in the Double Volume area which make every meal become so special in the spacious space like eating in the palace.

|| Master Bedroom ||

The Master Bedroom located at the 2nd floor, Pink tone are chosen to be the main tone of the room due to the owner’s preference, mix and match it with the grey tone and natural wood color to make the space have a sense of coziness and relaxation. The color variations divided the space without partitions or wall. In the resting area will use more pink tone, the TV area have more natural color while the Walk-in-Closet use white so the owner can dress-up and put on make up with ease.

|| Bedroom 2 ||

Bedroom 2 are design more in Contemporary Style yet still have a Moroccan vibe by using the decorated lines inspires from part of Morocco’s Pattern. The pattern are 3D decorate elements which make it become gimmick of the room. The main tone of the room is cool Blue-Grey and Dark Blue-Grey colors, give the calm sense like resting in the resort that faraway from the chaos

|| Bedroom 3 ||

Last but not least, Bedroom 3 are decorated in Green Olives and natural wood tone which make the space become lively and close to nature. The room have simple design but left the spaces for the room owner to have his own little green world inside the room.
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